Zain Ali has over 32 years of experience as a business consultant, industry executive, entrepreneur and for the last 3 years as professor. As a consultant he has sold and managed several multi-million-dollar transformational projects on a global basis while working as an executive in an organization.  He has led internal teams in engineering or information technology including Interim CIO of Global 360. As a business leader, Zain is often sought out as a turnaround specialist where he works with business leaders to define the strategy, assemble the team, and then nurture the team as they successfully deliver the defined vision and strategy.

Zain started his first company, Sunbonn, in 2009 with multinational clients in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UK and Pakistan with offices in USA, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He is recognized for working with clients by really listening to them, conducting brainstorming sessions with cross industry experience to really draw out creative solutions, and then applying IT to implement these solutions.


Zain started his second company, Azvantage, in 2014 with a focus on professional education and executive coaching. He works with leaders to help them better understand themselves, their values and leadership skills to increase their success. He also focuses on the results of the team’s organizations and partners that they lead while taking pride in helping leaders create a compelling vision that inspires execution. Zain is a master facilitator with a proven track record of aligning numerous business leaders towards a common goal on a global basis for several Fortune 500 organizations.


Zain started at University of North Texas as an Executive Advisor to the Dean to help turnaround and implement the UNT President’s vision of an applied degree program where students can take the knowledge gained in the classroom immediately to a project provided by a corporate partner. At the successful launch of the Problem Based Learning (PBL) program in 2019, Zain was asked to join the team as a Clinical Professor. After serving as the director of the PBL program for 2 years, he was asked to initiate a new program as Director of Graduate and Professional studies for the Frisco campus.

Prior to joining UNT, Zain served as an Adjunct Professor at UTD for a graduate level class on Innovation and Enterprise Architecture delivered in a cohort model at Infotec in Mexico City, Mexico over a weekend once a month.

Zain has also been an adjunct instructor at SMU in Data Analytics in the Executive Education program, and an Instructor at SMU Business Leadership Center on the topic of Leadership based on the book “Cultivate Your Leader” authored by him.

Zain was also an instructor at UNT Professional Development Institute (PDI) delivering executive education to PDI clients in the areas of Leadership Development, Building High Performance teams, Consultative Selling and Six Sigma.

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The objective of Adaptive Learning 360 is to transform the way leaders are developed from K12 to executives by integrating newer learning philosophies with technology while democratizing the cost of leadership development.

The idea emerged in the Learning Technologies department of the College of Information at the University of North Texas.  Experience from executive education was combined with experienced faculty in the areas of education and technology to come up with a solution that will allow leaders at all levels to capitalize on learning theories of Constructivism and Connectivism.

The Adaptive Learning 360 solution builds on the existing outstanding work done in the area of 360 assessments and leadership, fills a gap in the industry by leveraging newer technology trends while putting the learning journey in the hands of the organizations and user-based feedback.

Adaptive Learning 360 fulfills the following gaps that are not readily available in the market today:

  • Align the competencies to match the goals of the organization
  • Customize the assessment at the competency, skill and question level
  • Analyze data online to identify areas of improvement
  • Review suggested content with ratings as improvement opportunity
  • Create and track your progress by creating a Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Take a 2nd assessment to see if the PDP assisted with making behavioral changes